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LyonTech - la Doua 

Promote the emergence of a
global benchmark eco-campus

On the site of LyonTech-La Doua, Lyon Cité Campus project is a comprehensive program of rehabilitation and construction to strengthen the excellence of the campus sustainability science and technology. It concerns several institutions including the University of Lyon 1, INSA, the CPE, including twenty research units.

The project is an ambitious reduction of energy consumption in existing buildings and the standard "positive energy building" for new buildings.

Improving the quality of student life is also at the heart of the program with the construction of housing and a university restaurant, rehabilitation of sports facilities or the construction of a soft transport axis running through the whole the campus.

Lyon City Campus is the major lever for deploying development strategy LyonTech - Doua, which aims to strengthen innovation and the supply of services and leisure.

réhabilitation de 22 bâtiments
(jusqu'à 140 000 M2)

7 opérations de construction
(8 400 M2)

40 % d'économie d'énergie

un budget de 240 M€

réhabilitation de la résidence universitaire Jussieu

réhabilitation des équipements sportifs

réalisation d'un axe de déplacement doux